Blackhawk Trucker EDGE 95cm Cellular Antenna (6dBi)


Blackhawk Cellular Antenna
– Heavy Duty, Rugged design
– 6dBi Gain
– 95cm Length
– 4 metres Coaxial cable

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Blackhawk Trucker EDGE 95cm Cellular Antenna (6dBi)

The Blackhawk Trucker Edge Antenna is designed to provide optimal gain across 3G and 4G bands used when travelling throughout Australia & abroad. This powerful bullbar antenna provides the optimum 6 dBi gain, providing best performance in both flat remote areas and when travelling amongst hills and tall trees.

As a bullbar mounted antenna the Trucker Edge sports an extra-heavy-duty stainless-steel bell-spring for rough corrugations and a strong tapered fibreglass radome that provides consistent radiative performance in all directions. The antenna has a 4.5 metre PTL-240 Ultra-Flex cable which is an industry-standard for high vibration mining machinery and industrial plant and provides the lowest per-metre loss of all similar sized coaxial cables.

The antenna has been optimised for the cellular Low Band (700 to 960 MHz) which is used by all network operators as the primary band for voice & data services. With the coming 3G switch-off, Trucker Edge is built ready for 5G

The Blackhawk Omni Trucker Edge at 95cm will provide the perfect solution for voice and data applications where high gain antennas are required while on the move. Combine with a CEL-FI GO in your vehicle to never be out of contact when away from home.


  • 5G Ready*
  • Optimum 6 dBi gain for flat and hilly areas
  • Extra heavy-duty stainless steel spring
  • Can be mounted directly on a bullbar
  • Suitable for all mobile carriers
  • Included is 4.5 metres of LMR240 Ultra Flex cable fitted with SMA/M connector
  • Black antenna
  • 95cm Length