Alpine PWE-M770 – 7″ Powered Performance Under seat Subwoofer


Alpine PWE-M770 – 7″ Under Seat Sub

– 7″ Amplified Subwoofer
– 240 W Amplifier
– 120 W RMS
– 7″ Sub & enclosure

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Introducing the sleek and powerful PWE-M770, an extraordinary addition to your car audio setup. This compact marvel allows you to enhance your system with great sounding bass, without compromising your car’s precious space. Measuring at just 255mm wide, 190mm tall, and a mere 74mm deep, the PWE-M770 delivers an impressive 150W RMS of bass output through its high-excursion 7×7″ square subwoofer.

Designed for versatility, this subwoofer fits seamlessly in various locations within your vehicle and thanks to its ultra-compact size, is designed to fit perfectly underneath a seat. it’s robust all-metal alloy casing not only ensures durability, but does so without compromising performance, providing a long-lasting and powerful bass experience.

The PWE-M770 is equipped with a convenient wired remote input, allowing you to effortlessly adjust your bass level right from the driver’s seat. On the side panel, you’ll find easy access to RCA inputs, simplifying the installation process. Additionally, the side panel provides access to essential controls such as Phase, Gain, LP Crossover, and Remote Sub Level, offering greater flexibility and customisation options during installation. Experience superior bass performance with the PWE-M770, where power meets compact design — allowing you to enjoy your favourite music to the fullest on the road.


Compact and Sleek Profile
The PWE-M770 stands as a testament to cutting-edge audio engineering, boasting a compact and sleek profile that redefines in-car bass experiences. Its ingenious design seamlessly blends powerful performance with space-saving elegance, making it an ideal choice for car enthusiasts seeking high-quality sound without sacrificing valuable space. With dimensions that belie its robust capabilities, the PWE-M770 effortlessly fits into tight spaces within your vehicle, delivering deep, precise bass that elevates your audio system to new heights.


Small Sub, Big Bass
Despite its diminutive size, this powerhouse subwoofer delivers a staggering 150W RMS and 300W max power, proving that dynamite truly does come in small packages. Its high excursion square cone technology ensures precise and deep bass responses that resonate through your vehicle, transforming your audio into a cinematic experience. What sets the PWE-M770 apart is not just its compact size but also its accessibility. With a range of essential controls conveniently located on the side panel, including; gain, phase, bass boost and LP Filter, it means you have the power to tailor your bass exactly to your preferences.


Complete M-Series Audio System
Embrace the essence of a complete system family designed to integrate into virtually any vehicle or configuration. With perfect power matching and synergy, the PXE-M60-4 utilises intelligent matrix input summing and provides RCA pre-outs for connection to the PWE-M770 subwoofer or an alternate subwoofer system. The M-Series system combines compact power amplification with advanced sound processing, high-quality speakers and an 7-inch subwoofer that delivers unrivalled power and performance at a modest price.



  • Compact Powered Subwoofer
  • Mounting Hardware Included



  • Built-In Amplifier (150W RMS/300W MAX)
  • 7” Subwoofer with High-Excursion Square Cone
  • Durable Cast Metal Construction
  • Dimensions: 255mm W x 190mm H x 74mm D
  • Frequency Response: 10 ~ 150Hz